ISME – 2019 Competition

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ISME Skills Competition 2019 Report

The 2019 ISME Skills Competition was held on Thursday 13th June 2019 at Morgan Motors, Malvern.

 With Thanks to Morgan Motor Company especially Angela Hymas and the helpful & knowledgeable staff, the event was a great success at the Malvern Plant that promotes UK Engineering hand working skills to the highest level. 

This year’s event bought in 26 apprentice competitors from the West Midland and South Coast showing the need for the future to make all our metal commodities whether for aerospace, ship building, automotive, catering or retail sectors. 

With Competitors from, Babcock Marine, Sertec & Warwickshire College we had a good mix of test pieces to judge. 

The Categories were; 

  • Wall vent year 1 
  • Ducting year 2 
  • Tool Box 
  • Open class exhibits. 

We must praise the skills of the Apprentices for their workmanship and quality. Dimensional accuracy of the test pieces this year were to a very high standard with marking very close in all categories. The Open Class entries as normal gave the Judges a challenge to identify skills and originality. 

ISME also judge their written technical document that accompanies the component they have made. We believe that the written word is an essential part in the planning of how they go about producing their exhibit. 

Like all events in today’s environment we are indebted to our event sponsors; 

  • Morgan Motor Company 
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers (ImechE) 
  • Midland Power Press Services 
  • Confederation of British Metalforming (CBM) 
  • AP&T Group 
  • Bruderer 
  • Babcock Marine 

Without their support there would not be a competition. 


While Judging took place the Contestants, Trainers & Guests enjoyed the very interesting Factory tour noting the skills of the Morgan Workforce in production. 

As previously mentioned the ISME judges thought the quality standard was exceptionally high with the following awards given; 

  • Wall Vent Test Piece Winner (Frank Cooper Award) was a tie for 1st place Connor Kent from Babcock & Jack Owen from Sertec. 
  • Wall Vent Test Piece Written Winner, Jack Owen from Sertec. 
  • Ducting Test Piece Winner, Reece Arcos from Babcock 
  • Ducting Written (Ted Rosmarin Award) Dominic Brewster from Warwickshire 
  • Toolbox Test Piece & Written was a shared project completed by Ryan Bevan & Hadden Demming from Sertec 
  • John Davies Award Open Class winner, Rhys Jones from Babcock 
  • ISME Originality Open Class Award went to Dan Meyer from Babcock 
  • Open Class Written Award went to Jacob Dear from Babcock 
  • ISME Trophy Overall Winner, went to Rhys Jones from Babcock 

Overall Winner with the ISME Trophy Rhys Jones Babcock with ISME President Alan Shaw

We thank all the ISME & ImechE Members with guest retired engineers for doing the Judging which included measuring and project file reading. 

Thanks, must go to the College and Company trainers for the time effort and support they give to the students and apprentices. Without their commitment there would not be a competition. 

We will be discussing the 2020 competition and venue at our next ISME Council meeting in September 

We will keep you posted through our website and social media.

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Skills Comp Gallery Winners

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Skills Comp Gallery

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