ISME Skills Competition 2020

ISME Skills Competition 2020

Thursday 11th June 2020, Amada UK Ltd. Kidderminster
Booking. Contact Adrian Nicklin at
Entry forms available on 1st January 2020.

First of all we want to thank AMADA UK for allowing the ISME 2020 Competition to return.

The Institute of Sheet Metal Engineering is a learned body with individual membership open to those employed in the sheet metal and associated industries. ISME has been established over 70 years and promotes the science of working and using sheet metal and provides opportunities for people to exchange ideas and information. We also encourage the development of members by providing networking opportunities and creating an institute that people in the industry aspire to join.

The encouragement of the development of sheet metal working skills in young people through the annual Sheet Metal Skills Competition is very important to the Institute.

The Institute has a student grade membership of £20/year for which you will receive copies of the ISME Journal, Oracle which keeps members up to date with the latest developments and events in the Sheet Metal Industry. Students Joining on the day of the skills competition get the first years membership free.

Category 1 Test Piece Wall Category Vent 1 Test Piece
Wall Vent WALL – Year 1 Apprentices VENT & Trainee’s
● Year Test Piece make Winner Receives Cash Prize
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Category Category 2 2 Test Piece Test Piece Ducting
DUCTING – Apprentices & Trainee’s
Year 2/3/4
● Year Year 2/3/4 2/3/4 Apprentices Apprentices & Trainee’s
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Category 3 Test Piece
● Year 2/3/4 Apprentices & Trainee’s
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Category 4 – ISME Toolbox
FOR YEAR 1 & 2
● This could be a shared project for two apprentices.
FOR YEAR 3 & 4
● An individual make project.
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Category Open Class
● Competitors to make metal work piece of your choice.
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