Introduction to Digital Manufacturing

A Zoom Webinar on Thursday 14th January 2021

11:00 – 12:30

 The aim of the event is to introduce Digital Manufacturing, and its specific application in the sheet metal industry. Three presentations covering: 

1. Firstly, looking at challenges for the industry such as shaping capabilities and deformation, and how these can be addressed with an simulation case study. 

2. Secondly, a discussion around how Digital Manufacturing can improve operation efficiency, giving better visibility for what is happening on the factory floor. This area provides the focus for some work conducted on throughput in our second example. 

3. Finally, the session concludes with a plan for introducing Digital Manufacturing within a specific manufacturer and we show how this was done in our third industry-based project. 

Adrian Nicklin ISME, will open the event introducing the Speakers:
Dr Liz McArdle, Innovation Manager, Business Transformation, WMG
Dr Dan Peavoy, Innovation Manager, Digital Manufacturing, WMG
Dr Paul Lansdell, Innovation Manager, Metallurgy, WMG
3 Presentations: 20 mins per followed by a discussion and question time:30 mins. 

To Join the event email; who will forward login details early January. For further details call Mobile Number 07774 260126